Super Convenient Soft Foldable Dog Kennel (3 Sizes & 4 Awesome Colors)

This soft foldable dog kennel is an absolute must for any dog owner. Imagine how warm and and cozy your loyal companion will be inside this super convenient foldable kennel.

Great in any room at home or just take it with you if you're travelling away to give your pet pooch a warm and familiar home from home. This premium quality soft sided product comes in 3 sections which can be easily assembled or disassembled in seconds thanks to the conveniently placed velcro style hook and loop strips. When it gets dirty just wash it on a low temperature.Perfect!

Why not pick more than one so that your loyal companion has a warm and cozy retreat in different rooms or areas of your home!

In 3 sizes and 4 awesome colors you'll find it easy to pick just the right one for your dog and provide him or her with a warm and cozy safe haven at home or away.

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