Foldable Dog Bathtub/Pool

$28.95 $43.95

Give your dog his or her own bathtub

The Dogsl1fe foldable Bathtub/Pool is simple, collapsible and lightweight and can be used at home or taken with you just about anywhere. It's super convenient and does away with the need for any inflation or de-flation like the pools we have for human use.

With 6 different sizes in 2 colors you can easily select just the right one for your particular dog breed with the largest sizes having plenty of space for a large dog to lie down fully.

This awesome bathtub/pool is easy to fill and empty due to a large quick release plug that allows the water to quickly drain away once bathtime is over. Once finished the pool can be easily folded and stored away. What's not to like? This is the perfect dog accessory for all dog lovers. Get yours now while stocks last!

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