UV Protection - Foldable Dog Goggles/Sunglasses (Available in 4 colours)

Accessorizing your loyal companion without making him/her (and you!) look a bit silly isn't easy. For this reason, we've been on the prowl for a piece of dog eyewear that will be a benefit your gorgeous dog in both the fashion and the function stakes.

These Dogsl1fe UV Goggles are made from high quality materials and offer your dog true UV protection as recommended by many vets who agree that canine eyes need protecting from the sun just as much as ours!

All our goggles have rugged polycarbonate (shatterproof) anti-fog lenses with 100% UV protection, and are perfect for dogs who need some eye protection from snow or sand etc, but also great for any dog with an  eye disorder such as pannus and light sensitivity. They're super comfortable and most dogs accept them after a short adjustment period.

These full-on goggle-style shades feature stylish air-vented wraparound frames that completely enclose the eyes with no gaps for stray light, dirt or insects perfect for dogs that like to lean out of car windows (and what proper dog doesn't?)

Two adjustable elastic straps keep these stylish goggles securely in place during any activity, and foam backing ensures your dog will feel supremely comfortably as he/she goes about all manner of ultracool canine caper's.

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  • Item Type: Sunglasses
  • Type: Dogs
  • Style: Dog Fashion Cool
  • weight: About 80g
  • color: Black, White, Red, Pink


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