Heavy Duty Tactical Dog Collar's (1.5 inch/4.5cm Width) Available in M, L, XL

The Dogsl1fe Tactical Dog Collar is 1.5 inches wide and for good reason is one of our most popular accessories.  It's incredibly strong and rates a working strength of over 1,000 lbs enabling it to handle the most powerful dogs. The inside of the collar is padded for your dogs comfort and on the outside is an extra strong metal buckle with a heavy-duty D-Ring.

This tactical dog collar will practically last forever and will become an instant favorite.  We might as well apologize now, because everyone is going to ask you where you got this awesome collar from and how they can get one too...


Name: Tactical Dog Collar
Color: Black,Green,Brown,Green Digital,Sand Digital,Camouflage
Width: 1.5 inch/4.5cm
Size: M,L,XL
Quality: High quality

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